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5/22/20245 min read

This year could have been written in the history of humanity as a year of two found asteroids: #3935 and #6854. However, something else happened in 1987, and it changed the course of my life and lives of so many other people. While being in Ibiza, a Canadian, Alan Krakower heard a Voice. That’s how Human Design came to exist.

Alan Krakower, later known as Ra Uru Hu, left for Ibiza from Montreal in order to be alone and as far away from people and his common circle as possible. He worked most of his life in the advertisement and film industry and went through numerous disappointments which eventually brought him to this island. He was 38 at that time. And I should state here separately that he wasn’t interested or had any knowledge whatsoever in New Age or metaphysics. Late in the evening, on the 4 th of January, 1987 Ra was coming back home with his dog when he saw a bright light in his cabin where he stayed faraway from civilization. When he entered the house, he felt what he later on described as inner explosion. A man’s Voice that he’d heard that late January evening, didn’t ask him whether he wanted this, whether he was ready for this, whether he needed this. “It’s time. Sit down and write” – that’s what it said. Ra didn’t have any opportunity to withstand this voice. Later he remembered how all the sweat came out of his pores, and under usual circumstances he would be badly dehydrated. But those were no usual circumstances all right. He sat down and began writing whatever the Voice was telling him for the next eight days and nights while his dog stayed pinned down to the floor throughout the whole experience.

The Human Design system came out of that writing.Since Ra didn’t have any knowledge, nor he was interested in spirituality, meditation and such New Age “nonsense” it was quite difficult for him to understand what downloaded into him through this Voice. What was this knowledge all about? And, most importantly, what needed to be done with it?

When Ra started understanding what was being passed into him, he began giving readings to those who were the closest to him at the moment. To his surprise, very soon he realized that whoever he worked with through this strange system, gave too much credit to it, more than he thought it deserved. Those thoughts and feelings brought him a lot of stress. Ra gathered all the papers from everyone who had any information about Human Design, put it inside of his guitar and burned all the materials putting aside everything connected to this experience for a year or so.

When Ra got clear-headed again, one person who still kept the Life Chart came back into Ra’s life. And from that sheet of paper Ra started his way back into the knowledge what was given to him that January evening of 1987. Ra Uru Hu made it his life’s work to teach people how to live a healthy life, how to make right decisions and how to live with awareness. He said that it takes seven years in order to strip off our old conditioning completely and become our own true selves. In one of the interviews, he was saying the humanity was at the ground point of a grand evolutionary transition which started about 200 years ago.

According to Human Design, this evolution is happening right in our Solar Plexus which the scientists of modern age already call our second brain. According to Ra, children of the nowadays children will have this Solar plexus mutation in their genes. It means a lot of things, and maybe, some day I will tell you what I’ve found out about it. It’s fascinating. Ra Uru Hu left his body in 2011 after a heart attack in Ibiza leaving his wife, three children and a grandson.

What is Human Design?

Human Design system is at the meeting point of New Age and science. From science, it takes genetic codons and neutrino particles, and from New Age it envelops four ancient traditions: - Astrology and its planets, - Kabbalah and its archetypes, - nine-chakra system of the new Aquarian Age era - the ancient Chinese Book of Changes I-Ching with its hexagrams which is more than 5,000 years old.

The person who became my Human Design teacher during incredible chain of events is Chetan Parkyn, author of three bestselling books that are already translated into multiple languages. Chetan is an international Human Design specialist; he learned from Ra and worked with him for 7 years before he went on his own journey. He told me once that in the beginning, Human Design included all known and unknown New Age spiritual systems that ever existed on Earth. But since Ra Uru Hu burnt most of the things that came to him during the download, whatever was left of Human Design is only a small part of what it was. That said, Human Design is not static; it is growing and expanding as we speak. And…I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve been receiving new knowledge on Human Design for the last couple of years now. And I am sharing it through Readings, courses, retreats and trainings.

Now let’s go back to Human Design and why it is such a great instrument for use. We came into this world as wonderful creations equipped with certain talents, gifts, characteristics, nature, and because of it we were meant to live a life full of fulfilling experiences and relationships that keep us happy and abundant. But then Conditioning came into our lives in the form of our society, imposed stereotypes, priorities, morals and rules, and we drifted away from our nature. We forgot about our uniqueness, and became just like “everybody.” Remember this parable when a little lion lived with a herd of sheep for quite a long time until he met an adult lion and the former showed him his own reflection in the lake and made him realize that he was a lion?

Human Design is just like that adult lion: it’s that reflection in the lake where we finally see the Person we were born to be. Human Design says that we are not just OK, we are amazing. It shows us what it is like to be ourselves. It tells us about ourselves and teaches us how to make decisions according specifically to our Type. It tells us about our uniqueness, shows the areas where we get conditioned the most, and why and how it can be our greatest wisdom and how to use it. It tells about how we are influencing one another and how to use it for the greater good.

Human Design teaches us to be patient with each other because when we understand the Design of our partner, child, friend, boss, we know what connects us, and how to interact in the best possible way for both of us. It makes our relationships deeper, stronger, more interesting, fun.

Human Design is a life experiment which you’d want to play nonstop. And the moment it integrates your life completely, you just start to radiate your true self in the most natural way. Human Design is a life full of awareness. It is a source of knowledge, wisdom and miracle. Yes, miracle. It influences people in the most profound way, and even if you don’t believe it, you are going to like it nevertheless. That has been my experience, and that’s what I’ve seen so far being on this path. Thanks to Human Design, it gets more interesting and simple to create loving and healthy connections with others full of love and understanding. Human Design taught me this and continues to open this sacral knowledge that I am sharing with such gratitude and amazement with others.

Are you ready to become a part of this incredible experiment that will change your life in unimaginable ways? Then I am inviting you to join me and many others!

woman in white vest and black bikini with hand on chest
woman in white vest and black bikini with hand on chest