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Anil Chandwani, USA, Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker & Meditation Mentor:

“Amara’s Human Design session provide the clearest and most easy way of interpreting and applying Human Design for daily use. My first introduction and reading of Human Design was with Ra Uru Hu (the founder), and it had provided a very fundamental guidelines of my Design some 20 years ago. But it was my Reading with Amara that went in to the finer details that helped me make some small shifts in perspective that made all the difference. Amara is patient and passionate person who cares.

Nikhil Singh, India-Germany, business owner:

We had a session with Amara about our childrens Human Design, we got to know few things that we could do differently and it made a difference to our approach how we communicate with our children and our expectation. We would definitely recommend a session with Amara to all parents

Amara has a great sense of giving a detailed picture about our children. I recognize the personality of my kids in everything Amara said. Her feedback made me feel secure about the individuality of my kids and the treasures they carry inside. As well as how to support them to develop to their best.

Anastacia Bondar', Russia, director of the Academy of Beauty:

Yesterday I met with a very interesting persona, her name is Amara. A Cosmos girl! And I love Cosmos ❤. She told me that she can do something magical and wants to show me. Hm… I like magic as well! We met and ended up in a stream of conversation about very personal things for everyone – about our higher purpose in life, why we are born this way and what to do with all of this. And I was thinking, it would be so great if my parents knew these things when I was a child…Anyways, we’d been talking about design, and not design of clothes but of a human! We’d talked about our uniqueness, gifts that each of us bring into this world, and many other things. At times it seemed surreal, but everything is so true, one hundred percent!

Andrew Smolev, Russia, Director:

“I don’t know how and why but…Human Design works! Thanks to Amara I found one more path to self-realization.”

Ann Kristin Holten, Norway, yoga teacher, massage therapist:

“The Human Design session with Amara is one of the best things I have ever done. I dived into it not really knowing what to expect, and wow. If anyone is thinking about consulting with her, I’d say go for it! I am forever grateful for the clarity of her insights and loving guidance she gave me.”

Cecilia Lindholm, Sweden, teacher:

“Participating in Amara’s Human Design workshop in Goa was a beautiful experience. Amara has a calm and methodical way of giving her understanding and knowledge about Human Design and how to use our potential to our best advantage in life. She has a nonjudgmental attitude of approaching the subject so everyone feels seen and understood. She manages to create an environment where there is no good and bad, it just is. Her own examples of how her Design takes from in her life is very helpful and sometimes humorous that makes her workshops a delight to experience.

Another thing I’d like to add about the Gene Keys. They really made me realize a lot of things from my previous relationship, things that he could never communicate to me and in the end it also helped me to understand that some things were just not my fault or is. It just how it was.”

Elena Dvurechenskaya, Russia, business owner:

“Human Design is an amazing system that I would like everyone in the world to know! I am so grateful to Amara who introduced me to HD and did a Reading for me. I got so many answers straight away to the questions that I’ve been having for such a long time. What am I? Why do I act like that? How do I make my relationships successful? Where does my creativity lie? I can go on and on. I drastically changed the way I see myself, the way I see and relate to the people and surroundings, the world. Amara, you opened to me the knowledge of my nature, taught me how to choose the right strategy for making the right decisions in every area of my life – relationships, jobs, business… I am certain that everybody has to know their Design and live according to it. Human Design helps to succeed in the shortest possible way.”

Inna Kupreeva, Russia, freelancer:

“As a true Generator, when I heard about Human Design, I felt gut response! I would hardly go to study it all myself since there is so much information there, but the Reading with Amara became a revelation for me. I got answers to important questions about myself that I was pondering about for a very long time. Now I am proud of my individuality and the beauty of my Design. The next amazing revelation was with the Gene Keys! Amara, thank you for your warmth and light!”

Julia Welbury-Romanova, Lithuania-UK-India, Interior designer, wellness coach:

“Human Design workshop was an unforgettable experience. It was my first introduction to Human Design and Amara’s enthusiasm changed how I perceive myself and others. When I
started noticing my personal characteristics and behaviors being described by Human Design so accurately, I was eager to know more and dive deeper into understanding my family to improve the relationships with them and own self. That’s how I went into Human Design online training with Amara. Learning in depth about Human Design was one of the most fascinating things I have ever done. It answered so many questions that I had about myself and my loved ones, and most importantly made me trust and love my true nature. Moreover, it taught me few techniques how to navigate through life.

I have also received detailed Gene Key Reading from Amara after I was introduced to Human Design. It truly took me into much more deeper understanding of myself. The great thing about Gene keys is that even if I had never learned about Human Design, it would still be extremely
helpful and clear. I am constantly re-reading it and every time I either find something new for myself or it just reminds me of my uniqueness.”

Karina Deifel, Germany, PhD:

“My Human Design Reading confirmed many aspects of my personality that I assumed without being sure. In the past I got criticized by my family members and thought I was wrong to have those needs that I did. It’s quite a surprise to hear about your signature traits from a person who cannot actually know you except from reading them from my chart! This gave me confidence to listen to my gut when it came to dealing with any situation or a conflict. I realized that I need to trust my instinct.

The other thing I value about Human Design is the message that according to my design I have to be patient. For me it has been the biggest challenge. So from now on when I get the urge to rush and get things started, I remind myself to wait and let things come towards me. And then take it or leave it. Also it’s great to know that I don’t have to initiate but to respond to what life offers. Looking back, it makes a lot of sense. The biggest frustrations were those when I initiated something.

Now the combination of these two: reminder (and confirmation) of who I am and how to use my inner authority will help me to navigate my life in a more satisfying way. Thank you, Amara. Thank you, Human Design.”

Magali Chareyre, France :

“The first time I heard about Gene Keys, they seemed complex and I was questioning myself on the way I could eventually use the study on a personal and/or professional level. Amara seemed professional and reliable. I decided to have a try. What a surprise it was when I received such a complete and detailed study! It was easily understandable and immediately useful. And if any part appeared eventually unclear, Amara made herself available for consultations.

The different lines that composed my study were not only truthful, but also gave me hints and guidelines on how to proceed to evolve on different matters that I felt concerned by. The description of my «shadows» helped me thinking of new ways to overcome some personal challenges. I perfectly know my inner strengths and weaknesses, but what I’m not especially good at is turning my weaknesses into strengths… This is also what my Gene Key Reading brought me. I regularly come back to the report when I feel stuck with an issue, in order to find a way out. And I’m always amazed to see how efficient it is… If you are hesitating, don’t! You won’t be disappointed!”

Maryana Kazanova, Russia, producer, singer:

“I know many people who often repeated the phrase ‘It’s so important to remember who you are.’ When I heard it, I didn’t quite understand what it meant. Until I met Amara and Human Design. My dear friend Kolya (the host of the famous TV program “Heads & Tales”) told me about Human Design before, so I was kind of prepared. And Amara did my Reading. To say that the knowledge that I got is important for me is to say nothing. The effect from the information that I got is way more than I can explain.

I have never had a feeling in my life that someone, even the closest people, really know and understand me to the end. During the Reading with Amara I realized that she KNOWS me for some miraculous reason, even though we’ve seen each other for the first time in life, and have no connection whatsoever. She told facts about me that I couldn’t have admitted to myself just because I don’t really like accepting my weaknesses and imperfections. Although Amara says every person, EVERY person (!) is unique and perfect on its own. Human Design and living it helps me now to live in the moment, “here and now,” it helps me to see myself, be myself and accept my individuality which I was shying away from and was even afraid of before. If before I was thinking more about ‘what others will think of me’, no matter how cliché it sounds; now I am proud of what I am. I accept my uniqueness and let me be myself as I always wanted to. This is how I was designed to be, I just forgot about it while traveling from childhood to the point where I am now. We all forgot what kind of persons we really are.

It’s quite emotional what I am saying here, but after all, my Inner Authority is Emotional Type! You should definitely get a Reading from Amara, she is unbelievably amazing, sensitive and all-understanding. It’s so much better than visiting psychologists, astrologers and fortune-tellers. Just check for yourself. It’s time to remember who you are!”

Puneet Kapur, India, script-writer, actor:

“I had a chance meeting with Amara in a restaurant in Goa where she was with her friends. They were all having a lot of fun and I also found myself joining them in some time. The way conversations go from anywhere to somewhere -Amara mentioned something about the Gene Keys that she does. One week after that she gave me my report and it was really a very interesting piece of information in depth about myself. It had an uncanny and impressive accuracy about it explaining my personality traits, my strengths, weaknesses and in a manner that was going towards looking at the positive side of things.

Being an Indian one is very accustomed to astrology and by the time you are grown up it does not amuse you anymore unless of course you are addicted to it in the wrong way which I never have been. But Amara’s Readings were very different, they were really in depth and explained certain complex things in such simple ways that it was magical. Most precious things are simple. The Reading really helped me to understand myself more and specially at a time when I was feeling lost. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand and this was that for me. I highly recommend Amara’s work and specially knowing her personally I feel she has the right kind of heart and intelligence to help people and chart out a new way of being if that is what you are looking for.”

Valentina Ivushkina, Russia, Yoga Journal Russia editor:

“When Amara ‘sentenced’ me with Human Design, I reacted in two ways. First was: ‘Oh My God. How is that possible??’ and the second stage was: ‘What a blessing! I needed this so much! Thank you, universe!’ I think during the second stage which didn’t happen for some time, I realized how many things I initiated in life and how I bumped my head against the wall because of that! And all I needed to do is to find out about my Design!”