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Testimonials from Meditation Challenge Participants

December 24, 2018
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Marina Dudaeva, Moscow, lawyer:

“Dear Amara, first of all, I’d like to say thank you for such an opportunity to participate in Meditation Challenge, for the possibility to open different sides of myself, for the eagerness to reach home every day from work in order to dive into the next unique practice. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey which doesn’t have an end. Thank you!”

Madina G, Nalchik, government employee:

“The feeling is such that even in the mundane day-to-day reality there is a place of spiritual development, that even in your own apartment you can go beyond your mind, your ordinariness. This is a soft, gentle, pleasant work which takes off the old chains with care. And another very pleasant thing: all of this is done with your charming voice! Thank you so much, Amara! I am one of those who was silent during the Challenge. I could never speak openly about my feelings, experience, that’s why I couldn’t share throughout. But I just have to say thank you to you for this work, for the meditations that will be my helping hand throughout the life. I am very happy that I was with all the participants, there were so many emotions, feelings, and at times – tears. Thank you for your spiritual contribution, and additional thank you for your enticing, calming voice”.

Olga Tarasevich:

“The feelings from the Challenge I could put into these words: unexpectedly pleasant. I couldn’t imagine that I would be eager to do all of this for three whole weeks. But it was so interesting, and useful to get to know oneself and feel this calmness and serenity.”

Ekaterina Borisova, Moscow:

“Meditation Challenge had an unexpected effect on me: I did not only listen to myself in a better way, but I also could normalize my relationship with food. Usually, even if I am stuffed, but I see some tasty food on the platter, I would go for it without even thinking, and then I would be really overeating. I never listened really to my body, and suffered because of it. But yesterday I went to my colleagues’ office and saw there my favorite treat on the plate. I looked at it and all of a sudden understood clearly that I am not hungry and will not eat just for the sake of eating. It was like a snap in my consciousness. I think this is all because of the meditation.”

Julia Bulygina:

“I am so happy that I became a part of the Meditation Challenge despite the business at this time. These meditations practically were unloading me and structuring me at the same time. Thanks to Amara and her Challenge, I completely changed my way of thinking about meditation process! I realized that it can be different, interesting, that it’s not burdensome as it might seem at first, that it is healing! All the techniques were explained in the good and understandable way. I am so grateful to Amara for being so caring and for her attentive guidance throughout the Challenge! My friend was asking me to join her in meditations for a long time, but the idea there was to sit for half an hour and join in the common field every day. And it was really constricting all my thoughts about meditation and what it is. I am so happy I trusted Amara and her enthusiasm going on this path. Now I want to meditate more choosing the form that I like following the condition that I am at at the moment. thank you so much for this experience, for sharing so generously with your knowledge! Thank you to all the participants and the feedback, it was also so valuable! I wish to all of you to continue if further on receiving goodness and inner harmony!”

Tatiana, psychologist, Moscow:

“I have amazing feelings from this Challenge. I am so grateful to you that you organized it in such a manner. I wish you to have more and more participants each time. I don’t remember who said this but the saying goes like this: if we taught each 8-year old to meditate, all the wars on the planed would cease to exist. I am 100% sure that it is the truth. That’s why what you are doing is so important and right and needed for so many people. I think your Light will keep attracting more and more people who need meditation. I am so glad I took part in it, now I have many techniques I can use in my life, and I am glad that meditation opened up for me in a completely new way. thank you so much, Amara! You are so positive, your messages were always are so kind, calm, positive! Thank you to all the participants; you are all so different, and it’s so interesting how you gave me an opportunity to look at the world from that prospective, from the angle that was unfamiliar to me.”

Irina Keref, interior designer, Norway:

“I’d like to thank you again for this amazing, full of knowledge Challenge! I was soooo far away from all of this but I always wanted to try meditation. I was probably waiting for you so that I could get introductory lessons from you. I understood everything and with each day was doing more confident steps. I am so grateful to you.”

Inna Kupreeva, Moscow:

“It was an amazing feeling. The Challenge gave me a wish to continue this transformation further. Darling, magical, warm Amara! I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart for one of the most fascinating journeys so far! Each practice was a step towards myself and towards joy! I was like a child waiting every day for the new technique wondering what it will be this time! I wasn’t expecting anything from the Challenge, I was open to everything that may come. And the effect was astounded me. And the most amazing discovery: it was fun at times, and always useful for my soul. Thank you for these lessons, tools, discoveries!”

Zhanneta, Nalchik (who won Gene Keys Reading as a result of the giveaway contest which was at the end of the Challenge):

“Thank you so much for this gift! I read it all and it gave such a boost to my mood. Almost everything that is a Shadow in my Gene Keys is present in my life right now. I used to have more trust to life and to the events in it before and the gifts were more present because of that. And now I went into the shadow-self. But it’s ok, the fog will go away.. the most important thing is to believe in myself… I will re-reading this again and again in order to receive power, inspiration and revelations! I’ve been reading this for several days in a row now, and it’s such an empowering and inspiring read! It gives me so much strength and encouragement to do something new without being worried! It’s amazing! Thank you! I hope to get a personal consultation very soon.”

Julia (who won Human Design Reading as a result of the giveaway contest which was at the end of the Challenge):

“Thank you thousand times for this opportunity! With this Challenge I received so many bonuses! Getting to know and practice meditations through your guidance was already a gift! And here I am winning another one! My soul is singing that I am finally having an opportunity to find out about Human Design! Thank you!»

Tatiana (who won the book “Design of a Cloudless life: Big Book of practices and meditations for everything and from everything” as a result of the giveaway contest which was at the end of the Challenge):

“Amara, I am in shock! It’s a good shock obviously! I was about to order your book online and here we go! I am so happy that this prize is mine, especially if you note that I am usually very calm about any kind of giveaway contests and give this opportunity to others just because I can. That’s why right now I am in complete awe that life if giving me this gift through you and your book! It feels great! Your book is the best gift ever! I have so many emotions!”

Irina Gidova, an artist, Nalchik:

“The biggest surprise was the regression-meditation. Maybe because I didn’t believe in it that much and it worked out in the most amazing way, or maybe the result that I got was so unusual… It was my first experience of participating in such a Challenge, and I am so glad I did it with Amara. I liked everything so much, and I didn’t have to force myself to do any of the techniques. After the Challenge I have this aftertaste of comfort, lightness, satisfaction.”

Leyla Masmaliyeva, PhD, Georgia:

“Thank you very much for putting this Meditation Challenge together. It was a real Challenge indeed! Meditation sounds like an impermissible luxury for a mother of two little children. Thank you for showing me that there is more to a meditation than just sitting in a lotus pose (or any other certain posture, for that matter) and trying to make your mind go black and enter the void. As a linguist fluent in 4 languages, I really appreciated the Meditation in which we had to speak in tongues. That was absolutely mind blowing! I was so intrigued by the idea of creating new words and sounds and I also noticed that certain sounds made me feel a certain way! I also appreciated how you dealt with all of us, newbie meditation practitioners. I really admired your patience to answer all those questions and guide in a non-imposing and non-prescriptive manner! Thank you very much for all your hard work and this great experience!


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