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Addicted to Love

Many of us remember the feeling when we couldn’t sleep, eat, nor work if a certain person didn’t give us a “dosage” of his or her love in a form of a date, call or at least a message. I don’t want to concentrate on this feeling and remind you about how it felt. If you recognize yourself in the first sentence, you know what I am talking about.


Fear of the White Sheet: How to Tame Your Muse?

When I was offered my first job in the newsroom in 2005, I replied that I cannot write on demand. You see, I said, the muse is coming to me whenever it feels like. I need an inspiration, I said. I need a space, I said. I need freedom, you know? My boss-to-be looked at me attentively and said: “Got you. We are still offering you this job, though.” “Ok,” I said thinking that everything would be just the way I thought it would be. Should I say how wrong I was? That’s how my journalism career started. The writer’s life started when I was 5.


Water and Awareness

Statistically speaking, water is the most popular drink in the world. We were told at biology classes that 70 % of our body is water. When I was young, this information didn’t look too convincing and realistic. If I see a glass of water in front of me, I understand it. However, how can I see this water in my cells? As our collective consciousness says, until I see it, I won’t believe it.


How to Write a Book: rules that should NOT be followed

I wanted to write a book since I was a child. It all started with fairytales but only now, after three decades I will be preparing my first fairytale collection for publishing. It will be my second book since my first one – Design Your Cloudless Life – was published in September with the biggest Russian publisher. My dream came true. However, the writer’s way doesn’t end here, it is only the beginning. What would I like to share with you? That dreams come true?  Or that everything is not as it seems? Maybe it’s about all of that and something else.


Sleeping Phoenix’s Diary. Edition #3


My path as a specialist didn’t start with Human Design but Gene Keys. This system came out of the Human Design becoming a separate unit standing on its own, thanks to Richard Rudd, (more…)

Testimonials from Meditation Challenge Participants

Marina Dudaeva, Moscow, lawyer:

“Dear Amara, first of all, I’d like to say thank you for such an opportunity to participate in Meditation Challenge, for the possibility to open different sides of myself, for the eagerness to reach home every day from work in order to dive into the next unique practice. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey which doesn’t have an end. Thank you!” (more…)

Art of Slowing Down

“Am I going to have enough time to read all this?” I asked my mother while trying to carry a huge stock of books into the room. I was 5.


I thought I would never have enough time. I wouldn’t have enough time to find out about everything that I needed to know, to read everything I wanted to read. The more I read, the more books appeared that I wanted to read. I was devouring them one by one dreaming about learning speed-reading. Since I’d been reading so much, I had a notion that I know it all. I have the knowledge, right? So they are a part of me, right?


Art of Doing Nothing

I had a plan for life. Then I came to India.


Forming habits vs. Practicing awareness


Who haven’t heard about forming a habit by automatic repetition of a certain action for 21 days?  Especially when it comes to something we are lazy to do even though we know it is healthy for us? Thanks to Ivan Pavlov, a Russian scientist and his Law of Classical Conditioning, a lot of habits have been formed and the essence is this: make any needed action into a “tooth cleaning” process repeating it for 21 days in a row. I have to admit, some of my habits were also formed through this technique. And I would’ve continued on that path until one day I started noticing that my life started partially resembling scenes from a movie “Click.”


Dancing Awareness Techniques


When 10 years ago I was getting into yoga, nobody told me that yoga deals with a masculine type of energy and that women who practice it better balance it through practicing some “female” type of practices. That’s how dancing became a part of my life. And through dancing I came to three major rules for any type of dance: