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Talking to Your Body

I was 7 years old but I still remember that sensation perfectly well. For some reason, I decided to pay attention to my toes that evening. There was no apparent reason for that, I just put my whole attention to them. And that’s where it started.


Water and Awareness

Statistically speaking, water is the most popular drink in the world. We were told at biology classes that 70 % of our body is water. When I was young, this information didn’t look too convincing and realistic. If I see a glass of water in front of me, I understand it. However, how can I see this water in my cells? As our collective consciousness says, until I see it, I won’t believe it.


Sleeping Phoenix’s Diary. Edition #3


My path as a specialist didn’t start with Human Design but Gene Keys. This system came out of the Human Design becoming a separate unit standing on its own, thanks to Richard Rudd, (more…)

Art of Doing Nothing

I had a plan for life. Then I came to India.




Once upon a time there was a Soul. It came into this world with certain gifts, mission and uniqueness which was given only to her (let’s just say it was a “her,” although it could definitely be a “he”). Then there came parents, teachers, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, bosses, beloveds, and the soul started to become a Human. This human being started to detach from its soul, purpose and gifts in order to “be liked”, “be like everyone else”, “fit in.” In other words, “Conditioning” was born.


How (and why) to Get “Grounded”

There is an old joke that one of my friends calls “deja moo” since everybody in Russia heard it a million times. A patient meets his doctor and tells him all about his physical problems. Doctor listens to him attentively, nods understandingly and prescribes…mud baths. “Will it help?” the patient asks with hope. “It will not help but you’ll get used to the ground pretty fast,” the optimistic doctor replies.

I like this joke. It reminds me of that connection that used to arise unconsciously, spontaneously, and now comes into my life more and more. It is returning to the natural, to the authentic, to the truth. This is “grounding” and how I see it. How can we ground ourselves?


Food Awareness and Why I never diet

I don’t believe in diets. Not because they don’t work. I didn’t try. However, I can tell you what exactly I did try. I tried to fight with food. I tried to ignore it. When it didn’t work, I overate. I suffered because of it. Then at 16, I became an exchange student in the USA going straight to Massachusetts from a rural town in the South of Russia.*  In the USA everybody was telling us about the culture shock we were bound to experience, how traumatic it could be, etc. However, nobody told us that…