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Sleeping Phoenix’s Diary. Edition #4

August 8, 2019
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“YOU DON’T LEAD SPIRITUAL LIFE. You are a spiritual life.” This phrase came to me from Rob Bell in Super Soul Sunday and shook me up. I love when it happens. A lot of time we see spirituality as something extraordinary, out of the context, something “out there.”

When in reality it is the ordinariness in the best possible sense. You don’t have to read spiritual books in order to know you are leading a spiritual life. The moment the spirit entered your mother’s womb where you were comfortably waiting for your time to be born, which happens three months prior, that’s when you started being the spiritual life that you are and that I am.


HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL To be a human means to see something you have in the other person. And it also means to see in yourself something that you see in the other person. Who is your role model? You like something in them because you see those things in yourself, you recognize them. Yes, it can happen so that these things are dormant within you.

In Human Design Life Chart we all have some dormant gates which represent certain characteristics and talents that is our potential waiting to be awakened. Let’s start today. If you want to be successful, don’t say “I want to be successful.” Instead, say “I am successful” and sit with that feeling for some time.

Feel what it feels like in your body, in your being. Success and everything else you want to achieve starts with the feeling. If you want to be strong, instead of saying “I want to be strong,” go for “I am strong,” and again, sit with this feeling. You are it. The difference between you and the person you think is strong is that he knows he is strong and you don’t.


“MY NAME IS JENNY, I AM 70, AND I AM JUST GETTING STARTED.” Another phrase that shook me up. It’s never too late to quite a job you don’t like. it’s never too late to get out of the relationship that makes you unhappy. And if you feel it IS too late for something, well, guess what, it means you didn’t want it that much.

Sometimes having a dream is much sweeter than actually living it. So be honest with yourself and stop going into the guilt trip. If it’s not there, it’s not there. And if it can be there, do one step, every day. Whatever big you see happened just like that – day by day, hour by hour, step by step.


GUTS. EXPLAINED. Before I went to Dubai, I was skeptical. I’ve heard a lot about it, and most of the things I’ve heard could be summed up in this: “This city/country doesn’t have a soul.” That’s how stereotypes are formed, so I urge you never believe them, and check things that speak to you for yourself. I decided to go there through my guidance which I’ve acquired through Human Design. It wasn’t logical, it was a pure gut feeling. It was much easier to go to Shri-Lanka to get a new visa but my gut was saying “noooo” for Sri-Lanka, and “yes” for Dubai.

So I went. Dubai doesn’t have a soul? Let me just say this: the dessert has a soul, it’s breathing, it’s alive, it’s wild, and it’s beautiful. It’s been a great trip, I hope to go back some day, and to spend at least one night in the dessert. I am so grateful to my gut.


There are two kinds of people: those who like to be a victim and find this role quite comfortable and those who don’t. Not much of an advice here. All we need to do is make one choice: choose life or choose death. Which side you are on?


Today I am grateful for the things that I don’t have. I am grateful for the opportunity that I’ve missed because it was not right for me. I am grateful for the relationships which exited from my life because they were not right for me. I am grateful for the trips that didn’t happen because they were not right for me. Be grateful for what you don’t have. What is it in your case?


ARE WE COMPATIBLE? This is a question I hear all the time during Relationship Readings. I have something to say on this. Are you together? If the answer is “yes,” then you have all the right and all the chance to be compatible. There are only two types of relationships – conscious and unconscious. There are only three types of people that each of us can be – giving, receiving or both.

Human Design Relationship Reading can show you the problems, outline the connections you have, walk you through the corridors of your unity in order to show you where you might face obstacles in your relationship, AND it can help you to become conscious. But it’s truly up to you – are you ready to have a relationship which is compatible? Sometimes it is not an easy question to answer.


Connect with the universe. It is the best wifi. (my quote, yay!)


It’s not easy to write autographs in the beginning of an authors’ career, to tell you the truth. The feeling is such: I’d like to be able to write a personal message for everyone – a personal guidance, thankfulness, phrase. Who knows, maybe it is a skill to be developed. When I lived in the USA, I was going to numerous conferences, workshops, masterclasses filled with amazing authors, and each of them made the autograph session one of a kind.

Those books are still with me. In my journalist past I’ve collected a great number as well – from actors, actresses, singers, bands, all sorts of famous creative people whose work I admired. Reminiscing…But as always, the present is so much better.