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Sleeping Phoenix’s Diary. Edition #3

November 10, 2018
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My path as a specialist didn’t start with Human Design but Gene Keys. This system came out of the Human Design becoming a separate unit standing on its own, thanks to Richard Rudd, British teacher, writer, poet and its founder. Opening of a higher purpose in life embedded into our DNA – that’s what the Gene Keys are all about. If Human Design combines different systems, Gene Keys are diving deep into the core of the I-Ching and its 64 hexagrams. By the way, in 1973 doctor Martin Schonberger established a direct link between strand of our DNA and hexagrams. I’ll be posting on Gene Keys from time to time opening up the veil to you, piece by piece. Gene Keys require patience and contemplativeness. Would you like to request your personal Gene Key Reading? You know where to find me.




Elizabeth Gilbert @elizabeth_gilbert_writer is officially my hero, again. After “Eat. Pray. Love” there were couple of other books, and now, finally, “Big Magic” where she writes about creativity. And let me tell you – now I know why and how she is such a brilliant writer – her Human Design chart provided me with the answers.


That little colored corner up in the midst of white in her Life Chart shows two Centers that are Defined – Crown and Mind Centers. And she has the Channel of a Thinker with the Gate of Inner Truth! Oprah Winfrey @oprah also has it. These are the insights, and with this Channel it is possible to relate them to people in a coherent form. That’s pretty strong since a lot of insights that people get are getting lost in the space because of inability of relating them in an understandable way. She speaks right into my being. Love you, Liz. Love you, Human Design.




“What are you interested in – in life? Let’s take me, for example, I like animals. And you?” These are the types of conversations I have with my younger nephew Idar who is now a big man – 7 years old. He is a future paleontologist and makes Ross Geller look like a baby – that’s how much more he knows about dinosaurs J A Projector 5/1 with a single Channel of Struggle 28-38, my little human rights guy!




I’ve been rewriting the Lines in the Gene Keys. I had an inspiration, and now I am following it. Richard Rudd’s language is beautiful, and I love it. It’s so beautiful that when I translate it into Russian (and I translate everything that I do into Russian and English), it doesn’t come out as beautifully. When I was translating Osho in the International Meditation Resort in Pune, each word was flowing out in the natural rhythm. But with the Gene Keys it’s completely different. There is a meaning to that: the main thing in the GK is contemplation of your own Keys, self-journey, self-guidance. And when I write through my contemplation, then the knowledge arises from within, my own knowing and understanding. What are the Lines in the Gene Keys? I’ll tell you next time!





I’ve just realized that a lot of my subscribers have no idea what Human Design, Gene Keys, meditations, awareness techniques are, what they are for and what to do with them. Realization of the century J I’ll make it up to you, guys, it’s better late than never!


Let me start with meditation, awareness techniques, something I’ve been practicing (knowingly) for the last 15 years. And here are the questions that I get a lot: Why do I need to meditate? Is it for enlightened people? And who are they – enlightened people? I don’t like yoga, so I don’t need meditation. Etc. Etc. These are the myths that have pretty much nothing to do with the reality. Let’s take one myth at a time!


What’s the meditation good for? I’ll start with what it is NOT good for. It’s not for escaping the reality. Would you like to get rid of your stress in the best possible way? Would you like your life to have meaning? Would you like to find out who you really are? Would you like to heal your wounds, get rid of whatever is preventing you from being your unique and beautiful self? Would you like to have the best possible relationship with yourself, your beloved, the world? This is the practical side of the meditation. However, meditation is dangerous, so you’ve been warned. When you start practicing, you’ll never go back to the way you were. Meditativeness is a path for the bravest. One myth at a time. To be continued!