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Sleeping(not) Phoenix’s Diary. Edition #2

September 6, 2018
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Elizabeth Gilbert is officially my hero, again. After “Eat. Pray. Love” there were couple of other books, and now, finally, “Big Magic” where she writes about creativity. And let me tell you – now I know why and how she is such a brilliant writer – her Human Design chart provided me with the answers. Her two top Centers – Crown and Mind  are defined. And she has the Channel of a Thinker with the Gate of Inner Truth! Oprah Winfrey also has it.

These are the insights, and with this Channel it is possible to relate them to people in a coherent form. That’s pretty strong since a lot of insights that people get are getting lost in the space because of inability of relating them in an understandable way. She speaks right into my being. Love you, Liz. Love you, Human Design.


If you are 2/4 Profile like me, that means we don’t cook according to the recipes. Not because they are bad or we don’t trust them. We don’t really get them. Just like it takes us forever to understand instructions to any digital thing. Just like we don’t do research unless it’s something that is essential to us. That’s a Profile 2/4, take it or leave it. After all, we have amazing 1/3s, and 1/4s, and 4/1s and 5/1s who are great with all this kinds of stuff.


I’ve discovered SuperSoulSunday for myself, just recently. What can I say, in some things I am a late bloomer J For those like me, this is Oprah Winfrey’s TV program where she interviews all sorts of spiritual leaders, authors, motivational speakers, people who changed the world around them by changing themselves. Very inspirational to watch, highly recommended.

Of course, I found a way to connect it with Human Design :-). So, today it’s about Don Miguel Ruiz, the Mexican shaman, spiritual leader, writer famous for his Four Agreements. He is such a darling to listen to; his softness, his accent, everything about him. Such a sweet man with immense inner power.

Life Theme of Don Miguel is Interpersonal Theme of Spirit. This is what my teacher Chetan Parkyn says about this Theme in his book: “You inspire and guide others to see life in ways they are unable to see for themselves, releasing them from conventional boundaries that they have considered impassable. This sometimes gains the displeasure of those seeking to maintain rigid control. You crave freedom as an absolute, but you are prepared to engage deeply with others so long as they do not try to limit you.”

When Don Miguel’s parents (shamans, of course) wanted him to follow the ancestry line of shamans, he declined at first and went to pursue a career of a doctor instead. Only years later he came back to what he had a calling for.


Hugh Jackman, Manifesting Generator: “I’ve always felt that if you back down from a fear, the ghost of that fear never goes away.

I am claustrophobic, sometimes. I like big spaces, big rooms, uncluttered with furniture, big windows, a lot of fresh air.

Many years ago I had a panic attack in the Moscow subway as I was coming back from work. I was jammed between hundreds of people, and there was nothing I could do. I thought I would never be able to go into the subway again. But since it wasn’t an option, I had to spend the next day riding the train. In and out. All day long. And the panic subsided.

Now when I am in such a situation again, I breathe and remember how I made it. It helps. We all can do it. Breath in and out. The challenge is to remember it when the time comes. It’s not about not having fear. It’s about having it and still doing what needs to be done.