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Recommendations: a book, a movie, a song

March 17, 2019
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This book is in my mind and heart since the day I’ve listened to the audiobook for 1 minute. Jed McKenna “Spiritual Enlightment – the Damnest thing”.

Nobody knows who this guy is; some say it might be Adyashanthi. Who knows. It doesn’t matter. So far, this book (I am listening to the second book right now) is one of the best things that happened to me in spiritual type of reading. After (or I’d rather say – during) the reading/listening, whatever you thought about spirituality, enlightment, the meaning of life will go out in the smoke. You have a choice: to hate the writer for his honesty and sweet brutality, or to fall in love with him (like I did) and soak in those words that totally make sense and feel the love this person actually have for humanity.

These are some of the phrases from the book that stayed with me:

“Suffering just means you’re having a bad dream. Happiness means you’re having a good dream. Enlightenment means getting out of the dream altogether.”

“The point is to wake up, not to earn a Ph.D. In waking up.”

“Enlightenment isn’t when you go there; it’s when there comes here.”

When it comes to watching, I recommend the TV series “Westworld.” Amazing, breathtaking, contemplative, spiritual, entertaining. Watch 1st season, 2nd season, then go back and rewatch the 1st one – you will understand much more.

Vacuum – Let the mountain come to me – that’s the song for today. The song is old but the meaning is still there. And let me tell you this – Swedish musicians know a great deal about good music.