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There are Thousands of Roads…

Which one is yours?

Have you been looking for that one transformation tool that could guide you towards the person that you truly are? This is it. Human Design came as an empowering tool to remind you of who you truly are. In details, in peculiarities, in your specific gifts and talents. It came to show you your uniqueness, the uniqueness of others, while providing practical instruments so that you can live your life with a real purpose. It came to reveal to you your conditioning and guide you through the de-conditioning process in the most fascinating way. Among many other things.

If you’d like to know the history of Human Design, click here. If you’d like to know how Human Design became my life’s work, read here.

The Process

  1. Realize beforehand that you really need this Reading. There were times when I thought everyone needed one, but no more. Human Design can help absolutely everybody but it does not suit everyone. You have to be ready to go back to your true nature, and, honestly, it is a path for the brave. Listen to yourself (not me, not your neighbor), your inner self will know. It’s OK, if you are not ready yet. But if you feel you are, read on.
  2. My approach to Human Design is a bit non-orthodox. I do believe this amazing system should be taken as a practical and liberating tool which it is but not as a dogma-constitution. I use this approach in my readings, sessions, trainings.
  3. Once you’re ready, choose any way to contact me (email is best), express your intention about the Reading, and send me the following information about yourself so that I can create your Life Chart:

– Date of Birth

– Place of Birth (if you are born in the town/village which is small, please provide with the nearest city in the same time zone)

– Time of Birth (let me know if you don’t know exactly your exact time of birth, we’ll sort it out. It’s important).

4. Choose what kind of Reading you would like.

5. Mention if there is a specific topic that you want to look into.

6. Choose your way of payment: Pay Pal, bank account, Paytm (if in India), Western Union, cash (if the session is in person).

7. After you’ve contacted me, I’ll do my best to answer ASAP (or it will be my assistant), and provide with payment details to sort out before the Reading. Thank you for your trust.

8. You don’t need to study Human Design in order to understand your Reading. I will guide you all the way through in a very accessible way.

Types of Human Design READINGS

In-Depth/Basic Reading

It is the beginning and the middle of the Road which never ends. This is where we start pealing the skin off of our conditioning and looking into the mirror – the real one. Full In Depth Reading will give you answers to such questions as:

  • What kind of person are you?
  • What makes you tick?
  • What is your energy level?
  • What is the best way for you to make any kind of decisions in life?
  • How do people see you?
  • How do you interact with others?
  • What kind of partner are you in a relationship and what your partner should know about you?
  • What are your strengths, weaknesses and what to do about them?
  • How and where do you get influenced by others? Is there anything you can do about it?
  • What is good and not so good for you?
  • What about your health? And what kind of medicine works best for you?
  • Addictions? How to deal with them?
  • What is your Life Path?

Now, few details on this Reading:

  1. Full In-Depth Reading can take up to 5 sessions. Each session is not just a reading but a personalized workshop. You can order a complete set of 5 sessions where you get one session for free which means you pay only for 4 out of 5 sessions, or you can order one session at a time. It will all depend on how far and how deep you will want to go.
  2. The first session is the most important one.
  3. First and Second Sessions come in the form of audio file recorded by me, in my voice, with my material and expertise which is made specifically for you. Each reading ranges from 60 to 120 minutes depending on the chart. It is theory+a lot of practice.
  4. Third, fourth and fifth sessions are conducted in person (on Skype/Zoom).
  5. Each session is 84 euros. If you are in India, inquire separately. Each session in person (or via Skype) is 150 euros. Set of 5 sessions is 340 euros (this way you get one session for free).


Relationship Reading

The yummy one. If you are in a relationship (love, friendship, parental, business, any kind), you both can benefit a great deal from Relationship Reading. Using Human Design, Gene Keys, and some other secret tools, we will see into:

  • Your compatibility,
  • The reasons you’ve met,
  • What can you teach one another?
  • What pulls you towards each other or why (if) there is repulsion?
  • What is the common ground between you two?
  • Where the possible problems might arise and what to do about them?
  • How can you help each other grow and in what area?
  • What both of you are bringing into the relationship? What is the combination of your energies?

A lot of time in my practice people want to skip directly to this Reading. However, it doesn’t work like that. We can’t know and understand and relate to the other unless we know ourselves. Inquire separately, if you want to have In-Depth and Relationship readings together. We can make it happen with special discounts.

The Relationship Reading costs 200 euros.


My Year: Solar Return

Let’s say, you’ve done the In-Depth Reading and practicing it. Let’s say, you know yourself so much more now and experiencing life changing things in your life. Let’s say you are ready to know more. Human Design is always open for those who inquire, there is just one thing: it has to be the right time.

Let’s say, this is the right time. Now, what do the Stars, according to your Human Design and the Planets tell about your life for this specific year? Astrological predictions? Not really. Every year the Sun makes a round and comes back to its place approximately on the day of our birthday. And that’s where Solar Return comes into picture. That new chart – when put together with your natal one – gives us a picture of that specific year in your life. What are some of the new things introduced in Solar Return?

  • How are you going to change this year? 
  • What kind of things do you have to be aware of this year?
  • What will be a theme of your year?
  • What are the new talents being introduced to you that you can utilize in everyday life this year?
  • Will there be any challenges for you this year?
  • Will you be the same in your relationships and interactions with people this year?

Cost: 104 euros.

Prerequisites: In-Depth Reading.


Children’s Reading (for parents)

 If you want to know what makes your child/children tick and how to find a key to a fruitful relationship with them without hurting or manipulating the little beings and treat them with respect that they deserve, you might want to consider this type of Reading.

Is your child hyperactive/ hypersensitive/non-energetic/etc.? Why? Is there anything you can do about it? How can you help them to grow into their full potential? Because it’s obvious: you cannot do it for them but you can definitely guide them in the best possible way. One Basic Reading session for one child is 84 euros. It usually takes from 30 minutes to an hour.


Human Design Online Training

Would you like to know more about yourself and your loved ones? Would you like to become a Human Design Reader? Would you like to study Human Design in depth? Would you like to improve your relationships immensely while transforming your own life? Human Design Online Course “Love Your Story” Level A might be exactly what you are looking for. Register Now!

Coaching Sessions

Let’s say you’ve done all the possible Readings. Let’s say you want to discuss, dive deeper, ask questions, explore more, find out more, get guidance further on. Let’s say, you haven’t done any Readings, and not planning to, but you still have questions – about life, your life’s purpose, your relationships, your work, money issues, health, anything really – and you want to make it all better.

Let me help you. Let me help you help yourself. Make an inquiry. We can look into any specific questions. One hour of coaching is 184 euros.

Looking for a gift?

If you are looking for a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday, any occasion really, let me know and we will find the perfect one. It can be a reading or a coaching. Let me know contact@humandesignyou.com 

Gene Keys is a unique path to self-inquiry and self-healing that came out of Human Design and became big and wide as a system on its own. It goes deeper into the hexagrams from the ancient Book of Changes I-Ching exploring their mysteries in depth. BUT. It’s not only about I-Ching. It is about your specific DNA.

A teaching way ahead of its time, it was introduced to the world by a wonderful man called Richard Rudd in 2005. What Gene Keys reveal about your DNA?

What is your higher purpose in life?

What is your life’s work?

What limitations don’t let your gifts reveal themselves?

What is the main trauma of your life, and how to heal it?

What is the main challenge in your relationships and how to overcome them?

What do you radiate, how people see you,


what holds you back from being your True Self?

How did your mind, emotional and spiritual patterns develop in your life and how to transcend their limitations in order to bring out your true potential?

How to bring prosperity into your life?

What will finally open your heart in the best possible way?

Your personalized Gene Key Reading answers these and many other questions.

The Process

  1. Realize beforehand that you really need this Reading. Listen to yourself (not me or your neighbor); your inner self will know. If you’ve done Human Design sessions, use your Authority to make this decision.
  2. Gene Keys work on a very deep level, and you have to make sure beforehand that you are ready for it. Because, honestly speaking, it is not for everyone. Your life will not be the same after this. Are you ready? Then keep on reading.
  3. Choose any way to contact me (email is the best), express your intention to have a Reading and send me the following information: – Date of Birth – Place of Birth (if you are born in the town/village which is small, please provide with the nearest city in the same time zone) – Time of Birth (let me know if you don’t know exactly your exact time of birth, we’ll sort it out. It’s important)
  4. Choose what kind of Reading would you like and how.
  5. Choose how you would like to pay: through Pay Pal, bank account, Paytm (if in India), Western Union, cash.
  6. After you’ve contacted me, me or my coordinator will do our best to answer you ASAP and provide with payment details to sort out before we do the Reading.
  7. Understanding your Gene Keys turns your life around in the profound and best possible way. It’s quite a statement, I know, and I am saying this because that’s how it happened for me and many other people. And since I am stating this with such surety, I have to admit while repeating myself that it is not for everyone. This knowledge transforms you in unimaginable ways, and at the same time does it softly and subtly providing with insights and understandings about your life, life of your loved ones and how you operate in it. It gives you specific clues to your day-to-day life. It is a reading that still keeps me amazed after all these years. It is for the bravest for sure. Are you ready for this? Send a request to contact@humandesignyou.com
  8. Important: You don’t need to study Gene Keys or Human Design to understand your Reading. I’ll guide you all the way through in the accessible way. I’d also recommend you to read this about Contemplation since it’s crucial to understand this subject in the Gene Keys context (and a mindful life, for that matter.)
  9. Choose Your Gene Keys Reading

There are three consequent steps in order to decode your DNA through Gene Keys.

Step 1

The beginning of the journey is to do a Gene Key Line Reading. What are the Lines in the Gene Keys.

Since Gene Keys are heavily based on the I-Ching and its hexagrams, each Gene Key has 6 Lines (6 interpretations) in which they play out in your life. They allow the essence of your life story to emerge through a unique tale in a very practical way. If you are like me and enjoy practicality along with spirituality, let me guide and support you along this path.

This Gene Key Line Reading is the starting point in your whole Gene Key journey that I’ve mapped out for you, and it came to me through an insight when I was a bit like Archimedes though fully clothed but still running around and screaming “Eurika! Eurika!”

This Reading is presented to you in one of the two ways:

– as a pdf file of approximately 30 pages (sometimes more) which contains information about you specifically;

– as an audio file of the same thing if you find yourself being more of an audial than a visual person.

Price: 67 euros

Step 2

You can move on to this step if you’ve already worked through Step 1. Now it is about your Gene Keys specifically. It will basically be a Whole Book of your Personal DNA in all its depth and revelation. This way we go from the simpler into the more complex. There are also two ways to do that:

pdf file;

audio file.

Price: 67 euros

Step 3

The third step is all about connecting your Lines and Gene Keys together into one coherent picture and adding Siddhi level to it in order to help our gifts to come on the surface. And that’s when we have to meet face to face (skype to skype, zoom to zoom) and have a deep conversation full of revelations and insights. If you are ready, send your request. I am here for you.

Price: 350 euros


If you decide to order Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 together, make an inquiry, and we’ll make it happen in the best possible way for a beautiful discounted price.

Consultations & Coaching sessions

If you would like to discuss your pdf or audio files in length, have some specific questions, would like to practice what you’ve learned, dive deeper and contemplate with a teacher, get support throughout your whole journey, you are welcome to request a consultation. Make sure to write down in your email what you are inquiring about.

One hour of consultation is 187 euros.

All the inquires send to contact@humandesignyou.com