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My Podcast “Happiness 101” is on Anchor fm now!

October 10, 2019

Dear friends,

I’ve started today my podcast which I wanted to do for quite a long time. If you are into listening more than reading, you are most welcome to enjoy the audios while driving the car, or in the headphones (my preference).

What are we going to talk about? As always 🙂 Human Design, Gene Keys, awareness techniques and awareness in general, meditation, happiness, love… I hope with time to invite some of my friends, amazing guests for conversations on the same topics because they have plenty to say about it due to their occupation, philosophy, lifestyle.

I’ll be updating this page with new episodes, stay tuned!

The easiest way is to download a free Anchor fm app, subscribe to my podcast and take it with you everywhere you go!

Episode #1 Hara and Why 6 packs might not be such a good idea for you (7 min. 58 sec.)

Episode #2 Conversation with Alexandra Van Schaik on yoga, morning rituals and traveling light (52 min. 14 sec.)

Episode #3 Water and Awareness (9 min. 34 sec.)

Episode #4 Conversation with Shibani Sahni (28 min.47 sec.)

Episode #5 Talking to your body (10 min. 02 sec.)

Episode #6 deConditioning (10 min. 02 sec.)

Episode #7 How and why to get grounded (11 min. 34 sec.)