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Perfect Imperfection ” humandesignyou
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Perfect Imperfection

October 23, 2018
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I’ve done eye laser surgery some time ago. Can’t say that the world all of a sudden appeared to me in a new way since I was using glasses and lenses before. However, new comfort came into my life through the surgery, and, no matter how strange it sounds, I had to take time getting used to it.

Some things have changed. For example, all of a sudden I saw imperfections, everywhere. At first it was faces with unfamiliar lines, shadows, curved noses, asymmetrical brows, smattering of freckles, lips – narrow, puffy, overdone, natural, different. When I was wearing glasses, I saw the same things but for some reason it didn’t bring the same feelings.

Guess what, I liked it. I liked the imperfections. And then I remembered that I liked them almost in everything, all along.


There was a girl visiting us in Kabardino-Balkaria once who said “Alps are way cooler than Elbrus since you don’t see the pipes sticking out of the ground.” She said this and later on regretted it dearly but that’s a whole different story. Maybe the Alpen pipes are more perfect than Elbrus ones but let’s not forget that Elbrus is a dormant volcano and the highest top of Europe, let alone a place of power which Hitler tried to conquer during the World War II believing there was a gate to Shamballa. Don’t believe me, I’m welcoming you all to experience it for yourself!


There are poems that are neat and smooth, and there are those which don’t seem to rhyme and at the same time they can penetrate you with their imperfection very deeply. They have their melody, colors which bring out the truth onto the surface. They might be going up and down the spiral stairs, and at times, they might skip a stair or two. But it always reaches the destination, that’s the fact.

Movies and books

The movies we love the most don’t finish with the main characters’ kiss at the final scene. And what about the books which don’t have strict gradation between a villain and a “good guy”? We believe in characters who look, feel, behave like us. And what we are is imperfect. Sometimes we do good, and other times even little rain can aggravate us making us act in the  most unpleasant way. At the same time, villains in the movies and books (and life, for that matter) can do good, humanity is not a foreign concept for them. As someone wise once said, there are no bad people, there are those who suffer. That is life – just as imperfect!


Sometimes there are couples, imperfect couples who are together not because everything works out for them but because they periodically handle the difficulties and move on to the next step. They don’t have time to post pictures with one another on Instagram to show to everyone that they have an ideal life, they don’t need to congratulate each other on birthdays in front of the whole world through the social media. Yes, they are imperfect, and sometimes they go through incidents here and there just like everybody else, but if we ask them whether they are happy together or not, we will get a positive answer. I’m sure we all have such examples around us. Thank God, I do.


Since I mentioned couples, let’s discuss weddings a bit. I like imperfect weddings. Anything can happen there: the groom can mix the wedding reception places, the bride can oversleep and make the groom worried sick, the guests can create lots of crazy scenes, and the wedding dress can be torn by a sweet little kitty as it happened to my sister-in-law. It’s impossible not to mention Charlotte’s second wedding with Harry in Sex and the City, so imperfect and so perfect at the same time. When people can laugh at imperfection during such an important day, I somehow believe that they can make it as a couple.


Many of us like not only ideal roses but also field flowers which survived thanks to the sun and the rain despite all odds. Imperfect flowers did their best to come out of the soil, they were not cared after by the best gardener, although I truly believe that nature is the best gardener of all. So what, if this imperfect flower doesn’t smell like the orchid you’ve watered every single moment of its beautiful perfect life? It is still a flower, it still made it into this world, it still makes everything around bright. And it is still standing on its stem. Perfect imperfection.


I remember when I was walking along a narrow dusty road in Rishikesh watching the rapid Ganges  flowing down, I had no worry in my head. It was the moment of unity with here and now, and I don’t know why it happened exactly at that hot day in May, but all of a sudden I found myself weeping from all this beauty and universal, unconditional life that I felt for this place, these people sitting on the roads among all this unimaginable dirt. What exactly beautiful did I see? There was garbage all over the place, some old men in rags begging for money, the cows and flies soaring around them… but that’s where it hit me – all the beauty of this imperfection.

When did it all start? Maybe when they explained to us that ideal kids are those who are obedient, ideal school assignment book is the one which has all A’s… Maybe when we bought our first Cosmopolitan and compared ourselves with Cindy Crawford (for the record, I like Cindy not only because we both were born on the 20th of February).


Something did disappoint me after the vision correction: I started seeing dust everywhere, and so I couldn’t say ‘no’ to the cleaning anymore. In all other departments I am choosing imperfection – mine and everybody else’s, and I am smiling with all my imperfect teeth without being afraid that wrinkles will take over my face. As it goes in Anatomy Grey’s soundtrack, “All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am, so many stories of where I’ve been and how I’ve got to where I am.”