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December 2, 2018
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Meditation Challenge

30 January – 19 February 2019

My dear ones,

Would you like to come on the inner 21-day journey to release stress, uncover your potential and true self, heal what needs to be healed, form a new healthy habit, enjoy and celebrate life? I am offering you to challenge yourself with the Meditation Challenge.

What’s exactly the Challenge?

Find time for yourself. Despite everything.

Look inside yourself. Whatever is there, a gift in the middle of it all is waiting for you.

Come out as a new person, the best version of yourself.

Participate in the giveaway contest at the end of the Challenge.

For 21 days you’ll be practicing meditation and awareness techniques – different, fun, surprising, strange, and at times, challenging (obviously, it’s a challenge after all!). It’s time to get to know the real you and wake up your dormant creative potential. Your body has been longing for it, your soul has been asking for it, your nature has been calling for you to do it.

That’s why I am here. I heard you 🙂

And if you still believe that meditation is only for the enlightened ones and got nothing to do with your day-to-day reality, then you are in for a big surprise. I dedicated to this subject a whole book revealing many myths that people have when meditation is concerned. The biggest Russian publisher believed in the message of my book and signed me in, and now it’s out in the wide world! It is currently being translated into English, so hopefully I’ll be able to present it to you as well.

Why did I create this Meditation Challenge?

Because I’d like to live in the world where meditation is popular and classy just like that little black dress. I want to live in the society which is not only after healthy lifestyle but into happy lifestyle. And it happens so that meditation is that one transformation tool which is needed in order to achieve that.

So let’s spread it together – as far as we can. We just finished the first edition of the Meditation Challenge in October, and 18 brave people became a part of this beautiful project. The aim is to make it 1,800,000 and many more after that! Whatever it takes to wake you up!


How I can contribute for the participation?

Thank you for asking. The contribution starts from $37 for 21 day participation to…. Now let me ask you: How much are you willing to invest in yourself to make sure you don’t drop out? That is up to you, decide for yourself! I’ve put a lot of hours, days, weeks preparing this for you, I hope you feel as much joy as I did while doing it.

10% from the total amount will go to the animal organizations (I will update you on where exactly it will go. First time it was an animal shelter in my hometown in Russia.)

What were you saying about the giveaway contest at the end?

Whoever walks the Meditation Challenge path to the end (which means – does all the 21 techniques in 21 days) is automatically participating in a lottery with two gifts for two winners:

Gene Keys Reading,

Human Design Reading.

You can read about these transformation tools just by clicking on them!

*Each Meditation Challenge participant will automatically become a member of the International Sleeping Phoenix Meditation Club. I’ll write about what it is, and why it’s good later on.

I am ready! Sign me in!

In this case just send “I am ready! Sign me in” to contact@humandesignyou.com and I’ll take it from there.

And here you can read all there is to know about the Meditation Challenge. I gathered all the questions I’m anticipating and even those I did not anticipate but nice people gave me some pointers. Just type in the password count me in and read away.


You can also read about me and my expertise here.

All the testimonials on the previous Meditation Challenge is here.

Love and Peace,

Amara Marina Marshenkulova.