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August 11, 2019
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Online Human Design Training

“Love Your Story”

Level A


Who am I?


Where does my energy go? 


How do I have successful relationships? I mean, specifically me. 


How can I make decisions that are always right for me? Is it even possible?


How am I different from my partner, friend, lover, neighbor, boss, mother, etc.? Tell me about them as well!


What are my strengths? What about my weaknesses? Is there anything I can do about it?


What is my higher purpose in life?


What influences me? Is there anything I can do about it?


I am so tired of looking everywhere for a perfect solution, perfect tool of transformation. Teach me, help me, guide me…


Do you recognize yourself in any of these questions and statements? I’ve been there, and designed Love Your Story Level A-online training for you in order to help you answer these and many other questions you’ve been asking internally and externally. I’ve answered them for myself, and my life has changed forever becoming the best version at any given moment. It is still a process since life goes on and gives us new things to handle, but the ride is so much more joyful now. Let me share with you what I’ve learned, so that you can benefit from it as well.


This course is for you if:


– you would like to find  that one single tool of transformation for happy and fulfilling life in all areas;

– you are already familiar with Human Design but understand there is so much more in there, and would like to get into the practice;

– you are not familiar with Human Design and have no idea what I am talking about but something feels right about it;

– you’ve heard something about Human Design but contemplating whether it’s for you or not;

– you know some things about Human Design but open to take a non-orthodox way of experiencing it;

– you are simply curious.


What is Human Design?


Human Design is an empowering system that came into this world to remind us who we really are. It combines science and New Age along with the four ancient traditions: astrology, chakra system, kabbalah and Chinese Book of Changes ‘I-Ching.’ The system was downloaded into a Canadian Alan Krakower who later on became Ra Uru Hu, in 1987. If you’d like to read a bit more about it, click here and read the article I wrote for Yoga Journal (Russia) and translated especially for you.


What you get with “Love Your Story” Level A Human Design Course


1.       16 original video-lessons with homework for personal study and practice.

2.       “Love Your Story” Level A original Textbook.

3.       Two (original as well) e-books on Human Design, meditation & awareness practices, spirituality through modern and practical point of view.

4.       Certification of completion.

6.       LIVING THE AMAZING LIFE WHICH WAS MEANT FOR YOU as long as you practice everything you’ve learned.


You will learn:


  • Who you really are and what strategy in life is meant specifically for you.


  • Who your loved ones are which will bring a lot of aha-moments, as Oprah would say.


  • How to make your interactions with anyone you want more fruitful and fulfilling.


  • What are your strong sides, weak points and what to do about them.


  • What is a theme in life that prevents you from being your true self, and what do to about it.


  • How you can make decisions in life that are always right specifically for you.


  • Awareness Techniques in order to live your fullest potential. Because knowing your Design and Living it are completely different things.


  • Meditations and awareness techniques to help you Live Your Design. I’ve discovered it while living mine, and I will teach you everything I know about it. My first book was dedicated to it.


  • You will know what to do next on your life’s journey.


The Price of the Matter

Going through “Love Your Story” course is like going through a life-changing event. I say this with surety because Human Design transformed my life. It continues to change it because it’s a process which never finishes until it does. I say this also because it became my life’s work and I’ve been seeing what amazing things it does to the members of my tribe, my avatar clients when they implement what they’ve learned into their lives.


I wanted to make this course accessible to many people. On the other hand, I understood that those who really need it, had to make an effort in order for it to really make a difference in their lives.

Here are 3 variants:

I AM MY OWN TEACHER: 250 euros.

Do you feel you’d like to be your own guide and do the training at your own pace and time? Then this variant might be good for you! I truly believe it is worth much more than that. I hope you will feel it too. Because, guess what, on top of everything, you will learn your Design as much as your loved ones’ Designs! It will immensely help you in your interactions and relationships with them. And that is worth many thousands of euros. You will receive the whole package in one go. 


Would you like to receive guidance on the way? If you’d like to get 4 live coaching sessions one hour long each, along with your training, and receive feedback on your homework after each lesson via email or voice mail, you might want to consider this variant. So far, this has been the most popular one. 


Would you like to get one lesson at a time, and then decide whether you want to continue or not? This way you can have each lesson out of 16 separately. 

One lesson=27 euros.

If you decide on the way to get some additional coaching, let me know!

There are no strings attached here! Each variant depends on your needs and is equally good. 


Variant 4 for you:

Are you still contemplating whether this is suitable for you or not?

Request your first lesson FOR FREE. As a Manifesting Generator myself, I know how important it is for us to taste the action before saying a final “yes”. What do I mean by that? During the course you will find out! 


Important: If you’ve ever done Human Design Readings with me, inquire separately because you are eligible for a discount!

When do we start?

As a Manifesting Generator and a person who lives her Design, I am changing the course actions as I take each step, according to the needs of the moment. Right now the registration is open. How long it is going to be open, I don’t know. It will depend on my Design, and your response. Send your requests and questions to contact@humandesignyou.com

Why me?


Let me introduce myself in case if you are new on humandesignyou.com…

Sorry for a lot of “I’s”

I am Amara Marina Marshenkulova, an author of the book “Design Your Cloudless Life: Big book of useful practices and meditations for This and That” (it is in Russian and being translated into English as we speak). It is about awareness techniques and meditations through Human Design prospective, something I came up with through my life as a meditator, international Human Design and Gene Keys practitioner, teacher, coach, writer and motivation speaker.

I am a person whose life transformed after Human Design came into it. You can read more about my journey here.

My writing and speaking has an accent. I love accents, I hope you do too.

I am writing medicine fairy tales, and currently working on two books. 

I didn’t choose Human Design and meditation as my life’s work, it chose me, and I obliged. 

Sometimes I give Human Design sessions in the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, the biggest meditation resort in the world.

You can also read some of the testimonials about my work.


Send your query to contact@humandesignyou.com and I will take it from there. Looking forward to seeing you on board. You are amazing. I know it because I’ve seen what you can do. Let me show you.