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How (and why) to Get “Grounded”

July 18, 2018
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There is an old joke that one of my friends calls “deja moo” since everybody in Russia heard it a million times. A patient meets his doctor and tells him all about his physical problems. Doctor listens to him attentively, nods understandingly and prescribes…mud baths. “Will it help?” the patient asks with hope. “It will not help but you’ll get used to the ground pretty fast,” the optimistic doctor replies.

I like this joke. It reminds me of that connection that used to arise unconsciously, spontaneously, and now comes into my life more and more. It is returning to the natural, to the authentic, to the truth. This is “grounding” and how I see it. How can we ground ourselves?

~ Walking barefoot whenever it’s possible. Maybe our feet will not resemble an infant’s buttocks in their softness but wearing socks for some time afterwards will help to bring them back to life. Also walking barefoot helps to treat flat-footedness and massages the biologically active points on our feet.

 ~ Dancing barefoot. I found out that my body doesn’t move otherwise. I used to think that somehow the wish and ability to dance depends on how comfortable I am in my clothes. At so many points this conclusion proved me wrong. Then I thought that maybe it depends on the mood. Or on the music. One fine day I decided that dancing is probably not my cup of tea. Only when I started dancing barefoot, I had my Eureka moment. The energy that comes from the Earth and the excess of which also goes back to the Earth, brings so much power that it’s possible to dance endlessly to any music, even if it’s a silent one.

 ~ Washing dishes without gloves. Doing laundry manually. There are exceptions to that, certainly, if we use chemicals to wash something. However, I don’t like to do house chores in gloves, I can’t feel the cleanliness of the plate that I am washing at the moment, and for me it means I can’t get satisfaction from that work. The aesthetic aspect doesn’t scare me, I put some cream after the washing, and my hands are grateful. And doing some of the laundry manually is my other favorite thing. It brings me back from daydreaming and sitting on the cloud #9 like nothing else.

 ~ Sitting on the ground. It can happen in a beach shack, a deserted sand or a family garden. I got used to it in the USA where people like to sit on the floors a lot even if it is a floor of a serious Senate Hall. At first I was surprised and wondered how they are not afraid to get dirty. But for some strange reason, America doesn’t have that much dust and dirt J, and also they tend to change their clothes several times a day, so they don’t see it as a problem. I got used to it pretty quickly, and later on started noticing that there is an urgency in me to sit on the ground even if it’s not too clean. India strengthened this habit, and I am grateful for that. It calms me down, breathing gets slower and deeper on its own, without additional effort.

 ~ Eating food with hands. It used to be slightly uncomfortable to do so in certain places. So I had to pretend that I can skillfully handle a fork and a knife. Then I got tired of pretending J. It’s much tastier to eat with hands than with cutlery. Also when during cooking we tear the salad with hands but not cut with a knife, their health properties get preserved for a longer period of time, and green veggies don’t oxidize.

 ~ Not using perfume but essential oils or nothing at all. I believe that one of the tastiest smells on Earth is a fragrance of a clean body. Each of us has its own fragrance, and on some animalistic level we get attracted to one another (especially if your Spleen is Defined, in Human Design terms) or we get repulsed – yes, that happens too. When there is an addition to that natural odor, it disturbs this intuitive sense. My perfume dislike became conscious quite recently, before I couldn’t explain it neither to myself, nor to others.

 ~ Doing yoga barefoot, not in socks. For most of you it will probably be quite a natural thing to do, but surprisingly this is something that I have to explain to many of my friends who do yoga for the first time. It’s almost impossible to feel the connection with the Earth through “mediums,” it hardly accepts that. Also a yoga mat is specifically designed for barefoot.

 ~ Stop styling hair with a hairdryer, iron, and other artificial things for hair. I have to admit: I am lazy in certain things and in this specific case my laziness comes as a benefit. When I go to the hairdresser, I always ask for one specific hairstyle that I call “wash and go.” I like almost everything that is natural, and nature supports me in that.

 ~ Forgetting headphones at home while jogging/walking. That’s when this activity becomes a meditation. This is what Osho says about running: “Running against the wind is a perfect situation. It is a dance of the elements. And while running you cannot think; if you are thinking you are not running rightly. When you are running totally, thinking stops. You become so earth-bound, the head no longer functions. The body is in such an activity that there is no energy left for the head to go on and on; thinking stops. And in those moments of non-thinking, your existence is pure, you simply are – you don’t know who…”

 And if you are able to intake all the nature’s sounds while doing so, the effect is even stronger.

 ~ Breathing with a belly, going back to our source of energy. Three inches down the navel – that’s where you can find hara, that source. When we sleep at night, our bodies naturally go back to that breathing style, and that’s how it rejuvenates. You can read about hara meditation technique here.

What else can we do to get “grounded”? We can forget about the gloves while gardening. We can take off our swimsuits in the sea when possible. We can touch each other consciously. We can greet each other with a smile. We can forget about artificial makeup. We can wash ourselves in the mountain river. We can forget about manicure, pedicure, waxing, shaving for the time being… Anything that feels natural to you might be added to this list. And the Earth always thanks and gives back, there is no doubt in that.