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December 26, 2019

Dear friends,

I’ve started today my podcast which I wanted to do for quite a long time. If you are into listening more than reading, you are most welcome to enjoy the audios while driving the car, or in the headphones (my preference).

What are we going to talk about? As always 🙂 Human Design, Gene Keys, awareness techniques and awareness in general, meditation, happiness, love… I hope with time to invite some of my friends, amazing guests for conversations on the same topics because they have plenty to say about it due to their occupation, philosophy, lifestyle.


November 29, 2018

Human Design Workshop

Love Your Story

Level A

Have you been looking for one transformation tool that reveals who you really are? (more…)

December 2, 2018

Meditation Challenge

30 January – 19 February 2019

My dear ones,

Would you like to come on the inner 21-day journey to release stress, uncover your potential and true self, heal what needs to be healed, form a new healthy habit, enjoy and celebrate life? I am offering you to challenge yourself with the Meditation Challenge.

What’s exactly the Challenge? (more…)

August 11, 2019

Online Human Design Training

“Love Your Story”

Level A


Who am I?


Where does my energy go? 


How do I have successful relationships? I mean, specifically me. 


How can I make decisions that are always right for me? Is it even possible?


October 25, 2018

what’s NOW

Today, 23d October 2018, while sitting in Starbucks in Pune, India, I would like to share with you a little bit about my recent Past, my immediate Present, and my near Future. It is all happening Now at the same time. Don’t get confused, stay with me.

Recent Past

  1. My first book got published and launched on International Moscow Book Fair in September, 2018.
  2. Organized and held Meditation Challenge for 21 days with 18 beautiful participants all over the place.
  3. Created an International Meditation Club of the Sleeping Phoenix.
  4. Started sending out newsletters for my website subscribers.
  5. Launched my website, finally.
  6. Taught my online Human Design training-course Love Your Story in Russian.
  7. Developed my own audio-readings in Human Design and updated Gene Key Readings.
  8. Visited my home town Nalchik, spent great time with my family & friends.
  9. Had many Human Design and Gene Key Readings.
  10. Did a bit of traveling: Russia, India, Arab Emirates.
  11. Meditated, meditated, meditated.

Immediate Present

  1. Working on my online Human Design training-course Love Your Story in English (Levels A and B).
  2. Working on my Meditation Challenge online course in English.
  3. Working on two fairy-tale books with two amazing illustrators (details to come later).
  4. Working on designing my Human Design workshops in Goa, India.
  5. Getting into habit to work out more. It means – on a daily basis, not sporadically.
  6. Working on eating with awareness.
  7. Some personal developments and explorations I’d like to keep to myself. I know you’d understand.


Near Future

Seem to like the Now better than thoughts about the Future. Let’s leave it as that… After all,

the Past is always Perfect,

the Future is always Indefinite,

and the Present is always Continuous.

Peace of Mind & Heart to you all,

Amara-Marina Marshenkulova.