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Travel Notes: On Leaving (2014)

March 15, 2019

Every story has to start somewhere. Mine starts with a suitcase. It’s big and red. It has its own little story but let me continue with leaving as I see it.


Sufi Surrender

February 21, 2019

First I came across the whirling dervishes while watching a French movie with my sister. The figures of men dancing in a meditative state while wearing tall weird hats and skirts came up again with the beautiful “Ney Sukun” music that we’ve been listening to over and over again while doing yoga in the USA with friends (we figured, Sufis and yogis wouldn’t mind the clash).

What do they say about third time is a charm?


Talking to Your Body

January 29, 2019

I was 7 years old but I still remember that sensation perfectly well. For some reason, I decided to pay attention to my toes that evening. There was no apparent reason for that, I just put my whole attention to them. And that’s where it started.


Water and Awareness

January 23, 2019

Statistically speaking, water is the most popular drink in the world. We were told at biology classes that 70 % of our body is water. When I was young, this information didn’t look too convincing and realistic. If I see a glass of water in front of me, I understand it. However, how can I see this water in my cells? As our collective consciousness says, until I see it, I won’t believe it.


How to Write a Book: rules that should NOT be followed

January 12, 2019

I wanted to write a book since I was a child. It all started with fairytales but only now, after three decades I will be preparing my first fairytale collection for publishing. It will be my second book since my first one – Design Your Cloudless Life – was published in September with the biggest Russian publisher. My dream came true. However, the writer’s way doesn’t end here, it is only the beginning. What would I like to share with you? That dreams come true?  Or that everything is not as it seems? Maybe it’s about all of that and something else.


What Celebrities Say on Meditations*

December 14, 2018

*(excerpt from my book “Design Your Cloudless Life” translated from Russian into English)

If you think you are very busy and have no time to meditate, think again. If Oprah can find time in her busy schedule, so can you. If Madonna and David Lynch are practicing, and they are not the kind of people to waste time on unnecessary things, so can you. My research in the subject brought me to the next conclusion: pretty much every successful person came across meditation practice making it a daily habit in their lives.


Sleeping Phoenix’s Diary. Edition #3

November 10, 2018


My path as a specialist didn’t start with Human Design but Gene Keys. This system came out of the Human Design becoming a separate unit standing on its own, thanks to Richard Rudd, (more…)

Testimonials from Meditation Challenge Participants

December 24, 2018

Marina Dudaeva, Moscow, lawyer:

“Dear Amara, first of all, I’d like to say thank you for such an opportunity to participate in Meditation Challenge, for the possibility to open different sides of myself, for the eagerness to reach home every day from work in order to dive into the next unique practice. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey which doesn’t have an end. Thank you!” (more…)

Protected: Frequently Asked Questions

October 27, 2018

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Perfect Imperfection

October 23, 2018


I’ve done eye laser surgery some time ago. Can’t say that the world all of a sudden appeared to me in a new way since I was using glasses and lenses before. However, new comfort came into my life through the surgery, and, no matter how strange it sounds, I had to take time getting used to it.

Some things have changed. For example, (more…)