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June 18, 2021

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Sleeping Phoenix’s Diary. Edition #4

August 8, 2019

“YOU DON’T LEAD SPIRITUAL LIFE. You are a spiritual life.” This phrase came to me from Rob Bell in Super Soul Sunday and shook me up. I love when it happens. A lot of time we see spirituality as something extraordinary, out of the context, something “out there.”


Seth. Jane Roberts. Notes from the book

December 30, 2021

You are not nearly as familiar with your own thoughts as you may imagine. They can escape from you like water through your fingers, carrying with them vital nutrients that spread across the landscape of your psyche – and all too often carrying sludge and mud that clog up the channels of experience and creativity.


Addicted to Love

June 21, 2019

Many of us remember the feeling when we couldn’t sleep, eat, nor work if a certain person didn’t give us a “dosage” of his or her love in a form of a date, call or at least a message. I don’t want to concentrate on this feeling and remind you about how it felt. If you recognize yourself in the first sentence, you know what I am talking about.


Katie Byron is Speaking*

December 30, 2021

We are disturbed not by what happens to us, but by our thoughts about what happens.


Fear of the White Sheet: How to Tame Your Muse?

March 20, 2019

When I was offered my first job in the newsroom in 2005, I replied that I cannot write on demand. You see, I said, the muse is coming to me whenever it feels like. I need an inspiration, I said. I need a space, I said. I need freedom, you know? My boss-to-be looked at me attentively and said: “Got you. We are still offering you this job, though.” “Ok,” I said thinking that everything would be just the way I thought it would be. Should I say how wrong I was? That’s how my journalism career started. The writer’s life started when I was 5.


Recommendations: a book, a movie, a song

March 17, 2019

This book is in my mind and heart since the day I’ve listened to the audiobook for 1 minute. Jed McKenna “Spiritual Enlightment – the Damnest thing”.


Travel Notes: On Leaving (2014)

March 15, 2019

Every story has to start somewhere. Mine starts with a suitcase. It’s big and red. It has its own little story but let me continue with leaving as I see it.


Sufi Surrender

February 21, 2019

First I came across the whirling dervishes while watching a French movie with my sister. The figures of men dancing in a meditative state while wearing tall weird hats and skirts came up again with the beautiful “Ney Sukun” music that we’ve been listening to over and over again while doing yoga in the USA with friends (we figured, Sufis and yogis wouldn’t mind the clash).

What do they say about third time is a charm?


Talking to Your Body

January 29, 2019

I was 7 years old but I still remember that sensation perfectly well. For some reason, I decided to pay attention to my toes that evening. There was no apparent reason for that, I just put my whole attention to them. And that’s where it started.